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Get Moving!.. How much could it cost?

Get Moving! 



Making the decision to move can be an exciting time. Moving across the country, across town, for the first time or the tenth time. But it can also be surrounded by uncertainty; did I budget right for the new place? Will I like my neighbors? Will my kids be able to adjust to the new school? 

According to the US Census , 11.2 percent of Americans moved in 2016 (the most updated report), relating to housing, family and employment reasons. There's one question that most people who are thinking of moving asks; How much does it actually cost to move?

There are all kinds of moving expenses to keep in mind, including changes in cost of living, balancing two mortgages (rent or mortgage) during the transition for one place to another, and the cost of actually getting your things from home A to home B.

When it comes to moving, the best way to cut down on the costs required and to keep your sanity, is to move quickly. The faster you are out of your old home and into your new home, the less you will pay in movers, rented supplies, storage units, time off work, and most importantly the overlapping of mortgage or rent payments. 

Consider these estimates from HomeAdvisor:

SIZE OF HOUSE                                          ESTIMATED TIME TO MOVE                                      AVERAGE PRICE RANGE

1- Bedroom Apartment                                  3-5 hours                                                                    $200-$500

2- Bedroom Apartment                                  5-7 hours                                                                    $400-$700

3- Bedroom Home                                           7-10 hours                                                                 $560-$1,000

4- Bedroom Home                                           10+ hours                                                                   $800-$2000+


Make sure you have people lined up to help you weeks in advance, if you are using a moving company- try to schedule it 3-6 weeks out to guarantee availability on your specific date. Set aside some extra cash for the things that may come up on the day of moving- needing more hands, extra moving vehicles, storage days, etc. The more you can move in one trip the cheaper it is on the pocket book. 

Some moving companies charge by the weight load, by the distance or they have a flat rate. If you are going with a company that is by the weight of your items, but you do not know how much your stuff weights- don't worry they have a chart they will go by. For example, the goods inside a 1,000 square foot , 3 bedroom apartment typically weight around 5,000 pounds. A 2,800 square foot, 4 bedroom home typically weight around 20, 500 pounds. Any reputable moving company should provide you with a quote before you agree to using them. Make sure you get the quote in writing so any surprises can be handled and budgeted accordingly.

After you get into your house- celebrate! Enjoy the new home and your new Experiences!  




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