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Early Spring Lawn Care

It wouldn't be Michigan without a mid-April blizzard!

We are hoping that this is the last of the snow we are going to see this year, and words cannot describe how excited we are for some warm sunshine! Now that the snow has melted and you can get a good look at your lawn, it's time to plan for some lawn revitalization! Nothing is worse than bringing in the new weather with a patchy lawn, so here are some basic tips to keep your lawn green and beautiful!

1) Now that the weather should start to warm up, it's time to get out there and rake your lawn! With a wire rake, one that has thin metal fingers, you want to gently rake any grass that looks flat. Grass that lies flat over itself doesn't absorb light like it needs to, so make sure every part of your lawn is free of flat grass. This process helps to encourage proper air flow which fights snow mold in the grass, as well as pull away debris.

2) Apply fertilizer to your lawn. Fertilizer is absorbed by the soil and releases essential nutrients required for grass growth. The suggested fertilizer for the spring time is Milorganite Organic fertilizer which you want to apply at a ratio of 15 lbs per 1,000 square feet of lawn.

3) Once you start to see grass growth, start watering your lawn. The best time to water the lawn is between 4:00-10:00 am, and you will want to administer about 1 inch of water a week to the grass.

4) Mow! You want to keep your grass at about 3 inches tall for the healthiest grass. Regular mowing keeps the grass fresh and allows for healthy sustained growth. Make sure you have a mower with sharp blades, dull blades will rip up the grass instead of clipping, allowing entry to bacteria, bugs, and disease into the soil.

Hopefully these tips help your lawn stay mean and green, but if you really need help never be afraid to seek professional help with your lawn!

Happy Spring,

The DeKroub Team

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